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Kishor L. Kadvani


Dear Friends,
              The days have gone when business was restricted to local markets. In today's competitive scenario you can not stand on your feet if you are sluggish. You need to have a high  quality professionalism. you need to have constant inflow of latest information and technologies, you need to have knowledge of national and international laws. And above all will & zeal to achieve tough targets.  
             To day the market is wide and open, there is a cut throat competition among entrepreneurs, anybody can replace you if you are a slow- mover. You need to approach right person at right time and at right place to market your product or services which is just impossible without services of internet, Being the president of GIDC (Lodhika) Industrial Area, I take this opportunity to present our first web based Member Directory on net. I belive that this directory would open the door of market at home and abroad for our enterprising member. Beside this, it would also provide immense opportunity for people at home and abroad to search their need and get them at best terms.  
             We wish all the associates, colleagues and entrepreneurs a success.  
With regards,
For, GIDC (Lodhika) Industrial Association.
Kishor L. Kadvani









 Marble, Kota Stone, Granite, Edible Oils, Food Products, Main Switches ICDP,
ICTP and SMDP, SMTP, Viren brand panel, Panel box V-4, V-6, 1-Phase,
3- Phase Amrut Brand, Papadkharo (kharo), Toxic, Non Toxic P.V.C. Tube garden pipe,
PVC granule petrol tube, Fabrication, Fire port, System and equipment, Steel Bar,
Steel rod, Alloy cast, Box, Calander, Book, Printed Box, Pemplet, M.S. Sequless Tubes,
Submarsible pump, Water Pump, Openwel, Orinediry machine, Casting, Black and White TV,
Colour, Air cooler and Mp3 Players, Cement, Air compressors 0.5 hp to 30 hp,
Borewell pumps, Electric motors, Self priming mono block pump, Paper Board,
Export, Granite tiles, Slabes, Mosaic Tiles, Kota stone, Marbles, Flexible Packaging Meterial,
Gujarat and Maharashtra Transport Booking, cylinder liner all type of tractor and auto,
Mus casting, Liner and Steeve Specialist, Fly-ash Bricks Products, Steel Tubes and
perforated sheet, Corrugated Boxes, Ice Cream, S.S. Casting, Gas lighter,
Kitchenware and all kind knives, cold storage, machine tools, bakery products,
Furniture SS Wooden PC, Wall clocks, Goppor ingots, H.D.P.E. Pipe, Ayurvedic Medicine,
Packing Meterial, Pnenmatec, Hydrulic hose fittings, Engineering, All earth movers,
Sp. nipples, benjo bolts, Nuts, Air cooled, water cooled, single cylinder, twin cylinder,
ranging from 3.5 Hp to 25 HP, Pumping sets gensets from 3 KVA to 20 KVA, Auto Parts,
Metal Products, All type electric forgin, Ropps 2.3mm to 12mm, Spectacle lenses,
Submarsible spars, All type of watches and clocks, agriclture HDPE plastics pipes,
Steel Cupboard, CRC & SS machine, guard, Electric, Penal guard, sit Metal work,
Precured tread rubber, Glass products, Componend rubber, Audio cassets and
other plastic articals and moulding, job work for M.S. Wire, computer stationery,
Mineral water and Bevrages, all kind of forging, Plastic moulding products,
Plastic articles, Low and medium carbon ferro alloys, cold storage, Oil Mill,
Fire extinguisher and engineering equipment, Ballpen, Ink, Reffile, Pen,
Tea, consumar Products, Industrial Oxygen and Medical Oxygen, Hotel,
Plastic bags, Flexo Graphics and roto gravure printing, Air bubble film,
stretch films, box taping, Graded aluminium castings, Hardware and sanitary fittings,
Vertical and horizontal metal cutting bandsew machines and circular wood working,
Generator, Inverter, Submersible Pumps, Canfreshanar toffy and candy, Transport,
febrication, CNC vertical machining centres, cylinder liner, CNC turning centons and
machining centers, forging, chem, Micro rubber sheet, Electric cable and wires,
connecting road auto part and tractor, round crank shaft, bearings cone and engineering parts,
cold and hot process tyre retreading machineries, sprinkler pipe,
Aluminium extrusions, steel rod, bar, paints, varnish and putty etc.,
wooden box, diesel engine high speed, ceramics cassets base, Wicks stove and kitchenware,
Rifilling of LPG cylinders, adible oil, submersible motor pump, self priming pump and
induction motor, constuction workshop, fly ash building bricks, air compressor, casting,
synthetic emery grains, powder, silver brazing alloy rods and foil, electrical item,
diesel engines, p.p. twine, p.p. granuals, Plastic powder, anodised aluminium sheet and
loghting reflector, automativ battry and plates, clean cast, fastners bolts, C.I. Casting,
screw , barrel and dies for plastic machinery, rubberised auto tube valves for all vehicals,
poly pack print, bearings, alluminium section and bare, mosaic tiles, tobaco processors,
like, syrup, drops, churna, cream, capsule, plastic hums and dums, hacksaw blades,
garments and dress meterials, gasy fire, corrugated box, roll sheet, cold storage,
HI-Performande prolen furniture, pules mill, metal heat treatment, cotton seed cake and
cotton seed wared oil, soft drinks and beverahges, Besan chanadal, Plastic Injection,
mono filament yarn, PVC furniture streep, crankshaft, battery, ice maker, dissolved acefylene
gas, celing fan, iron brass, flash door, monomer and acrylic sheet, hex bolt, carriage bolt,
trade, Industries, import, Rajkot, 
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Industry, Business, Directory,Chamber of Commerce, Engineering, India, Gujarat, Saurashtra, Parag Tejura,
D.P.Infonet, Website Design, Development, Computer, Software, Hardware, Internet Marketing,Electric, Electronic,
Machine Tools, CNC, C.N.C., Sub Submarsible Pump, Auto Parts, Plastic, PVC Pipe, Kitchenware,
Steel, Iron, Brass, Pharma, Drug, Chemical,